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Every new contact between people may make the first impression last longer. It is neatness that makes us fell confident. Having nice and healthy hair is a gift not everyone has. Some of us have decorative, enviable hair. One’s neatness, position as well as age can determine the appearance of the hair. On the one hand one can thank one’s luck – on the other one’s persistence in the care of one’s hair and scalp. However, many of us have serious hair problems, or even worse, no hair at all. Instead of our hair, we brush our memories!

Problems such as: the itching hair roots, dandruff, greasy hair (seborrhoea), excessive thinning of the hair and finally baldness, are harmful to our unique and natural treasure – our hair.

Have you ever asked yourself what your hair is worth?

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A proverb says that time heals all wounds, but it certainly can not restore our irreplaceable wealth. Unfortunately, we do not act properly at the right moment and instead of taking precautions, we have to heal. We neglect prevention and by doing so we do harm to our personal image, spoiling it, hurting ourselves until slowly but gradually our self confidence disappears. Our hair was our great joy. Surely we did not realise it, until we slowly started losing it. We do not look as ourselves when we see our reflection in the mirror. We are overwhelmed with trouble and anxiety. We try to believe, that the problem will be solved by itself and yet we feel desperate. We spend much of our time searching for answers unsuccessfully!

Statistical researches and long years of experience prove that 50% of the male population aged under 30 have serious problems with their hair, while the rate reaches up to 70% for men above 30. Women also suffer from baldness, yet luckily to a smaller extent, even though it is no less serious. It starts a bit later. By the age of 30, 20% of women suffer from hair problems, and the percentage rises to 35% of women between the age of 30 to 50; after the age of 50, 50% of female population has problems with their hair.

When suffering from any of the above listed problems people often take all kinds of treatments, ranging from miraculous greases to cheap lotions which in the best of cases prove to be harmless, yet often yield minimal or no result. And the image of the unaesthetic bald head, impractical wigs and the scalpel in the surgeon’s hands during hair transplantation (where possible) haunts us night and day.

Do not despair, HOLD YOUR HEAD UP!

Take measures that your hair problems of today do not turn out into baldness in the future! We do not consider it necessary to instruct you that the 
first step to solve the problem is to face it. Your first step has been made. It is necessary to overcome the laziness as well as shyness, and actively start looking for the solutions to your problem. We are not promising any miracles because we are not magicians. What we can do is offer you some help, which has proved to be effective. Presently, it is important to know that it is possible to restore the beauty and health of your hair. Furthermore, by acting promptly it is possible to avoid such problems in the future. 

A Swiss Lab team made of leading researchers in this field: reputable and expert doctors, biologists, homeopaths and of course tryhologists, gathered to find the solution to the problems of hair roots, stop excessive falling out of the hair and restart their growth. Their purpose and goal was to assist people who had been betrayed by the nature, satisfy those who were losing their hair as well as those, who had lost the majority of it.

After years of continuous research and various formulations, which began in 1985, the team has come up with the optimal combination in one product . The result of their hard work, patience and immeasurable knowledge is now within your reach. 

The formulary product combines chemistry and nature in a so far unimaginable extent of persistence with success . Incomparably successful results which cause no harm whatsoever! The structure of the formula confirms the seriousness and professionalism of our approach to solve the problems of hair roots, hair and baldness. 









The answer is Tricolas Forte !

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Why Forte? Because Tricolas Forte is the strongest and most effective lotion available on the market. Tested, it is truly effective and responsive. The results of a test show that Tricolas Forte successfully reactivates the activity of hair follicles in 85-90% of people treated. It can be equally used by men or women. The scalp (not the hair) is slightly moistened with the product and gently massaged. At the beginning of the treatment the massage is repeated twice a day.






 We will soon be glad to brush our hair and enjoy watching ourselves in the mirror!

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The treatment demands an active approach; further hesitation may cause a worsening condition of your hair. The battle the experts fought brought about a first yet very important victory. They succeeded in developing an effective product – so far the only one which not only stops the falling out of the hair but also helps hair regrow. 

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Tricolas Forte contains vitamins, minerals and active constituents. Special substances immediately open the pores of the treated scalp and enable the substances to enter into the hair roots. The problem has to be solved at its roots. Better blood circulation in treated parts is accompanied with a pleasant and warm feeling. Tricolas Forte does not make the hair greasy and has a mild and pleasant smell, which evaporates after a few minutes.

First applications are followed by a mild reddening. This should not disturb you and it normally disappears in a few minutes. Later on it becomes milder, until it is almost impossible to notice. The reddening is a good sign, indicating the effective constituents of the product have started to have positive effects! After every application of Tricolas Forte avoid touching the face or the rest of the body to avoid reddening. The best way to prevent it is to wash the hands. 
Apply Tricolas

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 We consider hair loss a serious problem which changes our personal appearance. Having beautiful hair results in having higher self confidence, becoming more relaxed in relationships with other people and more satisfied with ourselves and our behaviour. We simply feel much better when we see ourselves in the mirror !



First results will be noticed after 7-14 days of the use of Tricolas Forte while it normally takes 90-100 days to make new hair grow. Tricolas Forte is kept in 200 ml doses equipped with mechanical dispensers, which enable simple handling. One 200 ml dose is sufficient for a three-month treatment. If you use it in larger areas the dose will last a shorter time.

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So what else can you do but order Tricolas Forte ? We will send it to you in the envelope as shown in the picture.

Attention! In case you have none of the above listed problems, please consider others you know and love. Share this information with a friend, a colleague at work or anyone you know who is suffering with these problems or wants to prevent them. This will make both of you glad. The one who brings good news is always welcome! 

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Give your hair a second chance! 


*Trichology (from Greek: the study of the structure, functions, and diseases of the hair)